6th Plumstead Common Guides

The 6th Plumstead Common Brownies and Guides met at Wesley Hall for many years until the early 1990s.


Above is the 6th Plumstead Common Guides outside Wesley Hall in 1956. On the left is Guide Captain Dorothy Pollard. Also in the picture are Guide Lieutenant Audrey Cooper, Anne Stannard, Shirley Bentley, Rita Taylor, Ann Hogger (now Spray).

brownies circa 1963

This picture shows the Brownie Pack around 1963. Here they are pictured in the old hut at the rear of the church. In the centre is Rosemary Wright (some sort of ‘owl’!), Margaret Hogger, Linda and Beverley Young, Brown Owl Elsie Hogger, Tawny Owl Renee Hogger, Margaret Wright, Margaret McDonagh, Margaret Webber.

Brownies circa 1966This picture shows some of the Brownies in about 1966. In the background  is the old church pulpit. The lady in blue guide uniform is Barn Owl Janet Hogger, now Janet Nichols. Janet is a current member of Wesley Hall and helps to run the Cub Scout Pack.

6th Plumstead Common Brownies pack holiday, Limpsfield, 1972
6th Plumstead Common Brownies pack holiday, Limpsfield, 1972
6th Plumstead Common Guides, late 50s
6th Plumstead Common Guides, late 50s



One thought on “6th Plumstead Common Guides”

  1. Certainly recognise my God Mother, Dorothy Pollard in the 1st photo but can’t locate the others I might have known. Do recognise her niece, Jan, in the last.
    Family have been stalwarts of Wesley hall since 1914!

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