Gwen’s reflections

It was from 1949 that I started going to Wesley Hall. I was married to Dick Webber, and his mother, Mrs. Pollard, and stepsisters Marjorie, Dorothy and Dora attended Wesley Hall. They were fully committed to all activities that happened at the church. I went with them to the evening service, though not regularly.

Wesley Hall was different from what it is now. On the front side of the stage there were steps from which the choir sang. It seemed a darker hall than the lovely  bright one we have now. I do remember there was always a large congregation.

As time went on and we had Margaret and Peter, Dick would look after the children while I went to the evening service. It was lovely to sit quietly, enjoy the singing and sermon and come away feeling that with God’s help I could face whatever the week ahead would bring.

Then as the children got older, I went to the morning services. For all children there was Sunday School run by Mrs. Marjorie Wright and Mrs. Dora Hogger; also bright hour on a Sunday afternoon run by Marjorie and Frank Bryan.

I have happy memories attending Scout and Guide activities which involved Margaret and Peter, and especially Church Parades seeing the young people in church. The 27th Group was popular then, and still is, due I am sure to committed leaders.

So many people seem to think because you go to church you are serious, but they are so wrong. How I enjoyed going to the folk concerts held in the hut, enjoying listening to Tideway; jumble sales, wondering whether people would come; barn dances and Christmas Bazaars. All these things take a lot of organising.

Due to the hard work and dedication of so many people, Wesley Hall is a lovely bright church. There always has been, and will always be, a most friendly and warm welcome to everyone new who comes to Wesley hall.

Compared to other churches, we are a small church, not made of sand but a solid rock, and one where I will always worship

Gwen Webber


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