Memories of Edith Hawthorne

Raymond [minister in charge: 1988 to 1994] and I came to Shooters Hill Circuit from overseas and wondered how we would adjust to being back in English Methodism.  The warm, loving welcome that we received made things easier and we were very grateful to you all.

At the beginning, I didn’t travel round the Circuit very much, but always felt at home when I did come to Wesley Hall.  Half way through Raymond’s ministry there he had to go into hospital.  I had just started training as a local preacher, going with Pat Spilsbury to share in services, and on that day I preached my first sermon.  It was at Wesley Hall.

It was the first sermon I had written and being the first time I had tried preaching , I was very nervous and my mind was also on Raymond, so I shudder to think what it was like!  However, you were all very supportive and tried to convince me that it had been fine. That support never faltered and I always knew that your prayers were with me in my studies.  I will always be grateful to you for that.

Your witness in the local neighbourhood is very important and I pray that the Centenary Celebrations will be a witness that is enjoyed by many and that God will continue to bless the work you do for him in the years ahead.

Edith Hawthorne

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