The Cherry Sisters

Doris and Edith Cherry grew up in Plumstead, attending Wesley Hall with their parents Amy and William Cherry. Doris was in her teens in the 1930s and met her husband to be, Len Clifton, before the war at Wesley Hall. He was an enthusiastic member of the 27th Woolwich Scout Group both before and after the war.

During the war years Doris worked in Harrogate in the War Ministry and Len joined the army, ending up as a Prisoner of War in the Far East.

After  the war they returned to Plumstead and Wesley Hall. Doris and Len were married in 1946 – for some reason this was at Welling Methodist Church. They continued to attend Wesley Hall until they moved to Eltham in 1952. They can be seen in Edith’s wedding photograph at Wesley Hall in 1951 with their daughter, Gillian, born in 1948.

Edith (known as Cherry) is seven years younger than her sister. She belonged to the church youth club during and after the war and also met her husband to be at Wesley Hall Youth club. Activities included some holidays including some to Guernsey. Stan Whitefield was a member of the scout troop (as was his brother Brian).

Edith and Stan were married at Wesley Hall on 17th March 1951. The certificate is signed by H. E. Eburne, Minister and E. Maynard Wilson. The family group photo shows them standing outside the church.

Edith and Stan moved to Eltham in the 1950’s and continued to worship at Wesley Hall until Stan’s job took them to Yorkshire, and later Scotland.

Doris and Stan Whitefield’s wedding, 17th March 1951

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