Memories of Dot Fairclough

Memories of Wesley Hall are mostly good but a few sad ones too.

War time: one big happy family all caring for each other. Two of our Rovers serving with the RAF were killed in action – Harry Osbourne and Ernie Pocknal – remembered with love and sadness to this day.

Life was never dull at Wesley Hall, always something happening. Gift days were busy, each organisation took part in a display with packed houses so well attended each time.

Gang Shows in those days were held at Wesley Hall – what a great time was had by all. I still vividly remember one young girl front of stage on her own in a top hat and tails with black fishnet tights and high heels. Will she recognise herself I wonder? She is now a married mum of two!

From Novemebr to January each year were Christmas parties by January sandwiches, jelly, cakes and any other party treats were off the menu.

Six out of seven days a week Wesley Hall was our second home, my mum and dad used to say, “why don’t you take your bed down there?”

So many happy memories, far too many to record here but best of all some of us were meeting our life-long partners – time passes so quickly, looking back every minute of every day at Wesley Hall was special.

Sadly my partner and soul mate is no longer with us, but I know he’d have been happy and proud that Wesley Hall is still flourishing in its Centenary Year.

D. Fairclough

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