Wesley Hall 100 Years – a poem from Mel Temple

100 years have passed so soon
We never thought we’d see
A church so small and yet so grand
For Christ through us to work, could He?!

A great ado goes on here today
When candles are lit and children sing
Look gladly at what you witness and say
He is here!  With love so strong and undying.

Far, far beyond our dreams it seems
The freedom to pray, worship and sing
Between its well shaped pillars, walls and beams
Folk come from far and near, to hear Hosannas ring.

100 years ago upon this south London spot
Charles and John Wesley had long since died
The scented grass and horses braying
To honour their name, these doors were open wide.

Our hopes and dreams still held high
As we tread the roads that lead us here
100 years God stood and watched
O’er this church we hold so dear
Wesley Hall.

Mel Temple

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