Colin Wright – My Memories of Wesley Hall

My earliest memories of going to Wesley Hall were being taken to Sunday School by my mother (Marjorie Wright), in the early fifties. with my elder sister (Rosemary) and twin sister (Margaret). In 1955 I joined the cubs with Christopher Swadkin and several other boys from Timbercroft School and remember being warmly welcomed by Miss Daniels. During this time I remember lots of events from School School outings, church parades, harvest festivals, bazaars and other social evenings like beetle drives. Our lay preacher at this time was Mr. Priest. He, his wife and their children Luke and Sally lived in the next street to us until they moved to Cuffley.

In 1959 I went into Scouts which was run by Harry Hogger and many a happy evening was spent in the hut. My mother and us children all went to church every week. I will always remember looking forward to Christmas Bazaars so I could buy some of Mrs. Bryan’s  ginger wine (non-alcoholic of course) – it was very good. During the early sixties there was a very popular Saturday evening youth club for Scouts, Guides and their friends. It was very well attended and much fun was had by lots of people.

In the second half of the sixties I went into the Venture Scouts and then into Rovers. Lots of weekends and longer periods of time were spent camping at Downe and other places including a trip to Denmark. Also during this time I became a Sunday School teacher and helped my mother who ran it. In 1971 my twin sister was married at Wesley Hall to Roger Leversuch.

In the early seventies Paul Nichols, Linda Young and Pete Scofield, known as Tideway, founded a folk club for Scouts and Guides. This is where I met my wife (Joy) who was a Guide from Abbey Wood and we were also married at Wesley Hall in 1974.

I always remember my mother doing the National Children Homes fund raising every year and doing the flowers for the church. My dad did his allotment next to the hut.

Wesley Hall played a large part of my early life with friendship and memories that have lasted a lifetime.

Colin Wright

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