Opening 19th March 1914
Opening 19th March 1914


This picture was taken at an opening ceremony by the children in March 1914. Note the organ in the background, now long gone. The table in the centre is still in use as an alter table in the chapel and is brought into the main hall for Parade and Family services.

Extracts from the diary of Thomas James Charles Prower:

“15 March 2014 (Sunday)
Last service in the old Sutcliffe Hall in the Slade.

“19 March 2014 (Thusday)
Opening of the new Wesley Hall at the Slade by Rev. Ensor Walters at 3.30. Tea and meeting in the evening, addresses by various local ministers and Chairman – Mr. Bishop.
(weather: rain, sleet and snow)

“21 March 1914 (Saturday)
Continuing opening services at Wesley Hall. Sunday Schools opened by the children trained by Will and Gladys (Prower). Tea and concert at 7:30 by Central Hall Male Choir.”

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  1. Our family has a copy of this photo with a handwritten note on the back saying that: ” at this meeting a suffragette tried to interrupt but she was ejected by Leslie and Will Prower. Embarrassing for me now as Leslie was my father! Will, my uncle, is the man standing at the back in front of the organ.

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