Memories of Dawn Barber

As a small child I was taken by my auntie to Sunday School, which was held in the Den at Wesley Hall and as I grew older the class moved into the Hut. As a teenager I joined the choir having having choir practise in the week and singing in church on Sundays.

We had Brownies on Thursdays with the two Mrs. Hoggers and we took part in the Gang Shows held at Wesley Hall, our mums would put make-up on us at home and we’d walk along the streets to the show thinking that we looked so good!

Years passed and then I took my three daughters and son to Sunday School and to Brownies, Guides, Cubs and Scouts.

Life has come full circle and now it is the turn of my granddaughter  to be in the Cubs and grandson to be in the Beavers.

Dawn Barber

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